What are the application advantages of Aluminium stage?

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What are the application advantages of Aluminium stage?

Aluminium stage, a kind of activity stage made of aluminum alloy, is widely used in large event performance site. Compared with ordinary steel stage, aluminum stage has obvious advantages, such as textured, beautiful, good load-bearing, rust-free and durable ...... advantages a lot, but as to what these advantages are about, it is not very clear.

The first is the material. aluminium stage uses aluminum alloy as the production material, the stage structure is made of high strength aluminum alloy material. Originally, aluminum is a more active metal component, but in order to ensure the stability of the performance of the aluminum alloy stage, the technical staff of it to enhance the ability to resist acid and alkali, oxidation treatment, to improve the corrosion of the aluminum alloy stage.

Next is the accessories. Aluminum stage column, bracket and other accessories specifications have their production standards to ensure that the stage good load-bearing and stability; stage plate surface selection of high-quality waterproof non-slip board, its thickness up to 20 mm, with a certain degree of toughness, and after high-temperature hot pressing process molding, than ordinary wood board high strength.

Finally, the reflective effect is good. Because all kinds of lights are needed on the top of the stage to set up the atmosphere, and aluminum alloy material has good reflective effect, which can make the stage splendid when it is performed.

To sum up, the application advantages of aluminium stage are not simply said, but there are reasons. Only in most cases, people "omit" this point, so that many non-industry people do not understand.


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