PWDs and fashion- Exploring clothing as a barrier to workplace participation faced by persons living with disabilities

Are PWDs not always fashion sensitive or they don't care about what they wear?


In response to research which argues that persons living with a disability (PWDs) face societal barriers including workplace participation, this study explored how the barriers to social participation, specifically workplace participation, faced by PWDs are exacerbated by the lack of appropriate clothing and the role that stigma, self-efficacy, and clothing have in workplace participation. Finding appropriate clothing is a significant barrier to social participation for many PWDs. The social model of disability used in this study supports this by suggesting that it is society which places barriers to PWDs rather than their disability.


A qualitative inquiry of semi-structured, in-depth interviews was used, and the results showcase six sub-themes of barriers; work defines me, disability as the barrier to workplace participation, work allows extra societal opportunities, stigma questions my self-efficacy, workplace accommodations diminish my stigma, and clothing builds my self-efficacy.


Then study found that, for PWDs, workplace participation is hindered because of occupational typecasting and lack of appropriate clothing, which increases their stigma and decreases their self-efficacy. The contributions of this study include theory support, policy, community, and educational enhancement.

In your opinion do you think people with disabilities should be giving a chance to wear whatever they want to their various workplaces?

Should they stick with the regular dress code?

Do you even think they should have a special dress code?


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