Know your health- Diabetes (episode 1)

How well do you know about your health?


Diabetes is caused by the inability of the Pancreas to produce insulin (insulin helps to keep the glucose in your blood within a normal range. It does this by taking glucose out of your bloodstream and moving it into cells throughout your body). This might cause hyperglycemia (very high blood sugar). Diabetes can also be hereditary this occurs 35% of the time.
However diabetes can be classified into three major types: Diabetes type (1), type (2) and
Gestational diabetes...

On today's segment of know your health, we would be looking at type one(1)

TYPE 1 diabetes is a condition in which your immune system destroys insulin making cells in your pancreas. These are called beta cells. The condition is usually diagnosed in children and young people, so it used to be called juvenile diabetes.

Signs are often subtle, but they can become severe. The syptoms include:

Extreme thirst
Increased hunger (especially after eating)
Dry mouth
Upset stomach and vomiting
Frequent urination
Unexplained weight loss, even though you’re eating and feel hungry
Blurry vision
Heavy, labored breathing (your doctor may call this Kussmaul respiration)
Frequent infections of your skin, urinary tract, or vagina
Crankiness or mood changes
Bedwetting in a child who’s been dry at night
Hazards that can be caused by Diabetes :
Weight loss
Diabetic keto acidosis
Heart attack and stroke
Note that this juvenile diabetes occurs in children and young people of about 20yrs upward
People with juvenile diabetes can lead a normal long and healthy life, You’ll just need to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels. Your doctor will give you a range that the numbers should stay within. Adjust your insulin, food, and activities as necessary.

Everyone with type 1 diabetes needs to use insulin shots to control their blood sugar. When your doctor talks about insulin, they will mention three main things: Onset, peak time and duration
So do not be afraid if you are being diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 you can still live long and healthy if you see your doctor regularly, exercise and avoid eating food that have high starch/ sugar contents.


If you have any symptoms, see your doctor. Until next time when we bring you another episode of know your health. Stay safe and remeber "the future is assessable"


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