Compiled Question and Answer from #ProjectEnableAfrica Twitter Interview with @Zebbook

TweetChat between @Zebbook and @Project_Enable


Popular Twitter Influencer, Bukola Ogunyemi - @zebbook, held an engaging Live Interview with @project _enable

The tweet chat which lasted for about 90 minutes trended both in Lagos and Nigeria and the discussion which had several follow up questions and comments focused on the need for disability inclusion in our society and the major roles being played by Project Enable Africa in driving the implementation of the Nigerian Disability Act and the sensitization of Nigerians on the need for disability inclusion.

 For those who missed the discussion we have the entire tweet chat compiled;    


Questions 1

Good morning @Project_Enable. People are eager to know more about accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities in Nigeria, so let’s get this chat started. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Good morning @zebbook! We’re glad to have you for this chat and are happy to answer all the questions you, and your followers, have about our work. #ProjectEnableAfrica

Question 2

So let’s start from here - what is Project Enable Africa all about? #ProjectEnableAfrica


Project Enable Africa was founded in 2014 to address the challenge of social and digital exclusion that Persons With Disabilities in Africa are faced with. #ProjectEnableAfrica

With over 15% of our population living with a form of disability or the other, the disability group is the largest minority group of the Nigerian population; and are often associated with poverty and vulnerability. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The stigmatisation and discrimination faced by #PWDs is usually expressed in the form of lack of access to basic social amenities, services and economic opportunities, especially in education and employment. Our mandate is to address this anomaly. #ProjectEnableAfrica

We have produced documentaries, animations and other materials that serve as advocacy tools to policymakers and stakeholders; we’ve equipped over 350 people through empowerment programs, and reached millions with messages of social inclusion. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 3

Your organization has something called The Inclusion Hub. Can you tell us more about that? #ProjectEnableAfrica


Yes, The Inclusion Hub is the first ever disability-focused digital hub in Nigeria. The new hub was recently set up with the support of @Google through the #GoogleImpact Challenge Funds. #ProjectEnableAfrica.

The new digital hub in Surulere was formally opened weeks ago, by our chairperson @DrJoeOdumakin, a globally renowned humanitarian. #ProjectEnableAfrica. 

Fellows at the Inclusion Hub are empowered with life skills in leadership and advocacy skills, towards positioning them for complete integration into society. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 4

What specific digital training opportunities do you provide for persons with disabilities at the Inclusion Hub? #ProjectEnableAfrica


We have offered trainings to our fellows in 3-D Animation, Digital Business Management, Data Analysis, Web Development, and Graphic Design Photo/Video Editing. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 5

Your organization has been in existence for five years. What would you say is your biggest success in that period? #ProjectEnableAfrica


We have worked across several communities, promoting social and digital inclusion for persons with disabilities and their caregivers. #ProjectEnableAfrica

Our fellowship program which is the first of its kind in Nigeria remains one of our biggest success stories.  Through the Fellowship program, we have connected our beneficiaries to internship opportunities, and supported others to start their businesses. #ProjectEnableAfrica

Ultimately we have been able to create a vibrant community of persons with disabilities empowered with digital skills, which better position them for greater opportunities.  #ProjectEnableAfrica 


Question 6

 Is there any law that guarantees and protects the rights of persons with disabilities in Nigeria? #ProjectEnableAfrica


In January this year, President @Mbuhari signed the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (prohibition) Act after several years of advocacy by the disability rights group. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and imposes sanctions including fines and prison sentences on those who contravene it. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The law stipulates a five-year transitional period for modifying public buildings, structures, and automobiles to make them accessible and usable for PWDs. #ProjectEnableAfrica

You can download the bill adopted by the Nigerian Senate - @NGRSenate via this link ~ #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 7

What is the pulse like within the communities of persons with disability regarding this law? #ProjectEnableAfrica


We can’t deny the fact that here in Nigeria, PWDs are daily faced with numerous challenges, but with the new Disability ACT, we are hopeful that we can make like better for them.


Question 8

Are you positive that Nigerian Disability ACT will be well implemented, how many Nigerians are even aware of the ACT in the first place? #ProjectEnableAfrica


Well, on our own part, we launched the #FollowDisACT Campaign, a new project with the aim of tracking, reporting and driving the implementation of the newly assented Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Bill, 2018  link to the bill. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The #FollowDisACT campaign has been designed to actively promote disability inclusion across all sectors within the country, because the Act gives a 5-year window for the full implementation of the provisions of the law. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 9

Are PWDs satisfied with the contributions of government so far with the implementation of the bill?  #ProjectEnableAfrica


Some state governments have been more inclusive in their policies and developmental initiatives. A state like Lagos, Jigawa and a few others seems to be doing better.

For example Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nassarawa State - @NasarawaGovt recently declared free education for student with disabilities studying in state owned higher institutions of learning. #ProjectEnableAfrica

However, the truth is that a lot more is required. It’s high time we collectively as a nation started seeing disability rights as an integral part of human rights.  #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 10

What form of partnership and collaboration are you exploring to further scale such a huge initiative? #ProjectEnableAfrica


We are in partnership with numerous credible organizations include media houses, and with the amazing support of partners like @Devcoms, @USEmbassyAbuja @myAccessBank, @HaceyHealth, @budgit and other esteemed partners, we have been able to come this far. #ProjectEnableAfrica 


Question 11

 How do you intend to get other states and corporate bodies into the advocacy for PWDS? #ProjectEnableAfrica


We are doing a lot in that regard with the #FollowDisACT campaign which focuses on sensitization and collaborating with all stakeholders. #ProjectEnableAfrica

We are also hosting the Disability Inclusion and Leadership Award - #DIALAwards to inspire individuals and organisations alike to accelerate disability inclusion in their processes, policies, programs and physical and digital platforms. #ProjectEnableAfrica


Question 12

The international day of persons with disabilities is coming up on December 3, do you have any plans to mark that in Nigeria?


In commemoration of the 2019 International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and in celebration of our 5th year of promoting Disability Inclusion in Nigeria, come 4th December, 2019, we will be hosting the maiden Edition of the Disability Inclusion And Leadership (DIAL) Awards - #DIALAwards. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The event will also host the 3rd edition of our annual Disability Inclusion Dialogue Series, where we engage stakeholders from the private, public and civil society sectors organization on issues around Disabilities. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The #DIALAwards is a platform to recognise and celebrate individuals and corporate organisations in the private, public and civil society sector and also inspire others. #ProjectEnableAfrica

The most famous award categories include the Disability Champion of the Year. Nomination Opened on the 15th of October. To nominate, visit #ProjectEnableAfrica



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